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Incorporated in 2020, SVP Office Intuition Inc is the creation of CEO and President, Stacey Pelster, who owns and operates a local Electrical franchise in Oregon, Mr. Electric of Hillsboro & Salem, as well as a property management company. 


She and her husband, Benjamin Pelster began their business in 2015 (with 20 years in the service industry prior to that), and they realized early on that the services provided or offered to assist in the smooth running of an office just did not exist.  While some solutions were offered to meet a few needs, no good solution could quite fulfill every requirement an office needed to run smoothly.  


From there, the idea for SVP was conceived and has grown into the company that now operates as the Leader in Customer Care and Management!  

Business development consulting, more than 25 years in the service industry

Stacey & Ben Pelster

Stacey Pelster, the founder of SVP Office Intuition, Inc., is co-owner with her husband Ben Pelster of Mr. Electric of Hillsboro in Oregon. Stacey has been integral with office management and employee training, company finances, and more. She created SVP out of a need that existed within her own office, and knowing that other shops in the service industry across the USA were also needing the same things, the idea grew! Stacey is half Puerto Rican, speaks fluent Spanish and by trade (prior to entering the service industry) is a High School Spanish Teacher!  Stacey and her husband own 9 acres in rural Oregon where they run a hobby farm, she enjoys gardening, spending time with her nine children, playing music at church, and being involved in the community.

Ben has been an electrician since he graduated high school almost two decades ago.  His qualifications led him to seek the start of his own Electric business in 2015 with Stacey.  Not only has he been running his company, he still found time to work as a Supervising Electrician, and also taught a Journeyman continuing education course at the local IBEW training center on Code Calculations.  He loves spending time working around his home and land, and especially spending time with his children and family.  While Ben does not hold a day-to-day position in the company, his insight and role as chief financial officer are integral to our growth.  He is readily available for team consultations on a case-by-case basis.


Operations excellence through coaching and training

Janice McGuire


Janice is also co-owner at SVP and Director of Operations for SVP. She is very goal-oriented and excellent at management and supervision; she is also an idea-dreamer and brings lots of vision to SVP! She is a Pacific Northwestern raised woman who loves camping, hiking, dancing, singing, road trips on the Harley, gardening, and enjoying her family. She has been in professional roles her whole life, from sales to nursing and now to business management. 

Cherri Sheridan

Quality Control and staff Evaluation Experts


Cherri Sheridan (pronounced with a French twist), born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and states she is
a Buckeye for life. She has been an administrative professional for over 20 years and attended The Ohio
Center for Broadcasting to elevate and combine her love for the arts of conversation and vocal
performance. She loves her family time, football and everything art and nature related. (Except snow
without Christmas).

Jon Torres

Jonathan Torres



Jon comes to SVP with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Having had managerial experience in prior employments, he very quickly showed his talents and ability to create relationships with people in his role as Customer-Team Relations Manager.  

Amanda Headshot SVP

Amanda Clements


Amanda has been with SVP since 2022 and loves being a part of the team.  Beginning as a CSR, she has climbed the ranks to the position of Lead Training Coordinator, taking the lead on hiring, training, and ongoing maintaining of the team's skills. She enjoys music, games, art, and crafting of all kinds. When not working at her desk, she can be found volunteering in church and spending time with her husband and cat, Yoshi.



Bradon Marks



Raised in Texas almost his entire life, Brandon Graduated college with honors in 2012 from UTA with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. He is dedicated to helping others via volunteer work in the community as well as his career which includes experience in the fields of finance, real estate, & customer service. 

Screenshot 2024-03-16 102015.

Amy Thompson



Hailing from Texas, Amy graduated with an Associates Degree in Computerized Business Technology, and was in the Banking Industry for 20 years. "My true inspiration and adoration comes from the loves of my life: My Glorious God and Father, Jesus Christ, Zoe (my daughter), and my family! My proverb is to always work hard, be kind, and loving to all.  My passion is my work, and since June of 2022, I am honored and blessed to be a part of the SVP family."

Customer service representative

Barron Wikstrom



Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nv, moved to and lived in Texas for 13+ years and now married for 3 years and counting! He loves spending time with his family, playing with his 2 dogs and playing video games from time to time. He has 7+ years serving customers in different fields and 3+ years teaching English as a second language. He is dedicated to his work and helping others when there is a need! 


Alicia Armendariz



A mom of 6 children, and many animal babies, Alicia has over 22yrs of work experience which includes: business Management, Customer Service Specialist, Residential Director, Executive Administrative Specialist, along with a myriad of other skills such as collections, telecommunications, customer service, opener, closer, cash handler, ect. She is from Texas Born and Raised and loves to cook for her family and loved ones.  "I believe in truth, honesty, and acceptance. My door is ALWAYS open to anyone in need and there is always an extra seat at my dinner table."

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