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Jule and Dana - business leaders

I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for all that you have done since September 2020 for our business. YOU ALL do a fabulous job and I am so grateful. After 16 years of answering my phones and/or being close to them when I employed CSR's, just after 10 years of doing them alone, I am soooo grateful!  It's just a breath of fresh air!  You have all been so nice to work with and I wanted to say I hope the New Year brings you JOY, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, FRIENDSHIP, AND LOTS OF LOVE!  THANKS SO MUCH! 

Dana & Jule Philpot

Owners, Mr. Electric of Central Kentucky

We are leaders in electrical industry consulting

We are thrilled with the services provided by SVP. From start to finish, their team was professional, efficient, and attentive to the needs of my team. They always go above and beyond to ensure everyone is completed to the satisfaction of our internal and external customers. I highly recommend for anyone needing a top notch extension to their team.

Lee D.

Chapel Hill, NC

The biggest danger facing entrepreneurs like me is not what you know, or even what you don't know. It's the famous Rumsfeldian "things that you don't know that you don't know". I started out answering the phones myself. Then, I had the bright idea of hiring a virtual assistant. Two people finding their way in the dark are more likely to cost more money than less. One CSR still meant that I needed to be available for when that person took PTO, went to the bathroom, or took a lunch break.

For the price of one fully burdened CSR, SVP provides a team, all of whom are trained on ServiceTitan, who understand the business, who are trained in the basics of bookings, and who back each other up.

Immediately, my call abandonment rate -- which I didn't even know was bad because I didn't have time to investigate -- fell from 40% to almost nothing. That by itself pays for the service.

SVP is familiar with my environment, because they, too, run a Mr. Electric. And, above all, the liberation from constant interruptions allows me to focus on driving the top line marketing funnel.

Mark Brandon

Great review from a Phoenix electrical company

SVP has a team of highly trained Customer Service Representatives and Office Managers and the quality of service given to me and my customers is second to none. I never need to worry about customers being taken care of, before or after the service call. The team at SVP has taken my business to a level I could not have achieved on my own. Cash flow has improved tremendously with SVP booking calls, taking down payments, and following up with customers in a consistent and timely manner. They are great at working with my Service Professionals too! I cannot say enough about this great team. I would highly recommend SVP Office Intuition to anyone with a service business – They offer so much more than what the competition does. They are absolutely the total package when it comes to Customer Service. 


Nick C.

Warren, Ohio

We serve HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical service providers
Mr. Electric of Southeast New Hampshire

It has been wonderful having a professional team to handle a good portion of our scheduling/dispatching duties. They listen to our needs and quickly implement ways to accomplish our goals while also customizing and improving techniques along the way. Long-standing customers of our company have given us positive feedback on how well SVP handles their calls. It was a good move teaming up with SVP!


Margaret Burke, owner with husband Dennis

Mr. Electric of Southeast New Hampshire

Mr. Electric
Service Titan coach providers

"We beat our 1.2million in sales goal today!  Next year, shooting for 2 million.  Thank you all for being a part of this.  Couldn’t have done it without you guys!"

Brian C.

Gastonia, NC

"SVP is a wonderful resource for taking calls and helping manage the electrical professionals. Although remote, they were always part of our team and we never felt the impact of a remote group. What a terrific, responsive, professional team! Fully trust this group to work with my customers. Stacey, Janice, Jon, Cherri, Amanda and the whole team are wonderful to work with!"

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